Bingo Friends

For people who like people and love playing bingo

About Bingo Friends

Bingo Friends is a great new way of meeting people and finding other local Bingo fans. The FREE and easy to use App will be available to download for most types of mobile device – iPhone and android, and is an easy and secure way to find and make friends, as well as find your local bingo club.

The App will be FREE to download and use and is currently under going initial trials, which are by invitation only at this time: if you have received an invitation to participate in the trial or would like to join the trial and be part of this exciting new App, then please send an email to info@bingo-friends.co.uk, with BINGO FRIENDS TRIAL in the heading and confirm the following:

  • First name, Surname
  • Date of birth
  • Home town
  • Mobile telephone number

We will contact you by telephone within a day or so, run though what is involved in the trial and if you are happy with this then send you a link by email, from which you can download the right version of the App for your phone.

Bingo Friends is being developed by The Bingo Association, who are the UK association for bingo club operators, and is subject to Terms and Conditions: a full copy of which can be found on here.  The App also contains information about remaining safe online and tips on meeting people for the first time.

We will be trialing Bingo Friends during the summer and hope to be ready for a full launch by September.

While clubs currently remain closed many are still keeping in touch with players via emails and social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – so if you are not already a member of a bingo club, then it is still worth joining now, finding friends old and new via the app and getting ready to play when clubs re-open: club membership is FREE.

You can also like and follow Bingo Friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: links can be found at the top and bottom of this page.

Look forward to seeing you on Bingo Friends and at bingo! 


The Bingo Friends App is currently being trialled and is not on general release to the public. If you are part of the trial, or would like to know more about how the App works then scroll down for 4 Steps to Bingo Friends.


4-steps to Bingo Friends!

01 – Register and Login

After you’ve downloaded Bingo Friends, registration is safe, simple and quick!

Once you have downloaded the Bingo Friends (BF) App it will either automatically open, or you may need to locate the icon in the app section of your phone. It will appear as a steaming coffee cup, like the one in our logo.

New users will be asked to create their own user name and password – this is not automatically created for you, so choose one you will remember.

Following registering your user name and password you will be asked to enter your profile information, which includes:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address, Post Code
  • Mobile number
  • Interests

This information is then used by us to securely check that you are who you say you are. We do this by checking the information you have provided with EXPERIAN: this check will not impact or trigger any change in credit or financial rating. You will also be asked to up load an image.

Once successfully registered Bingo Friends automatically creates your profile for you, which is only visible to other registered users and only shows:

  • The image you uploaded
  • Your First name
  • Age
  • Interests
  • How far you are away from the person viewing your profile
02 – Find Bingo Friends!

Find friends and your area

Once registered and logged in the first screen you see is a map, showing where you are with a red map pin and other users in the area.

Located on the map, near the bottom, are two buttons:

  • Find Bingo Friends
  • Find a club

You are ready to start finding and making Bingo Friends!

03 – Finding Bingo Clubs

Find Your Club

Use the the Find a Club button to find the club or clubs you are already a member of and add each one to your MY CLUB list. If you are not already a member of a club use the Find a Club button to locate your nearest club and use the contact details to join up: it’s free to join and you can then add the club to your MY CLUB List.

04 – Bingo Friends

Bingo! You are all set to go

You are all set; you have created a profile, told other users a little bit about what you are interested in and have selected My Club. It’s time to start ‘chatting’ and discovering who else in your neighbourhood is a bingo fan, and may just be looking for someone to go to bingo with, or share a coffee with.

If you would like to be more involved with Bingo Friends and all things bingo, then why not follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: links at the the top and bottom of this page